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Sai Kijima was born in Japan. In Tokyo, he studied "Noguchi-Taiso" with the professor Michizo Noguchi from the National University of Arts, later he continued his education with the New York Actors Studio method by Zen Hirano.

He worked as an actor for theatre, movies and television.

At the age of 27, he moved to Europe and settled in Paris , where he continued his studies in the theatrical school Ecole Jacques Lecoq. It was there, where he started experimenting with the street theatre forms.

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For the last 40 years he has been training in the art of Aikido, developing a new art of experiencing the body - called Kalado -, studying Philosophy of Zen and exploring the movements and vocal potential of human being through improvisation.

Other important experiences for Sai Kijima were its work with psychotherapists for kids with Down Syndrome, helping them to  improve their physical condition by using the traditional Japanese therapeutical massage, which he has been practicing from young age.

Sai Kijima paints and creates dolls from wood and daily life materials. His work has been exhibited in various European galleries and museums as well as in his home country.

He lives in Switzerland and travels around the world, exhibiting his work and giving seminars, performances and concerts.

In particular, Sai Kijima started visiting Greece 20 years ago and he still does yearly.

Sai belongs to the Narrative Movements Organization.

Sai has a permanent exhibition at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, Belgium by the Collection of the Dutch De Stadshof Foundation.


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Second Portrait - ¬©Christian Vogt

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