"in Kalado there is only one exercise which is …stop exercise."

                                                                                                                                                                Sai Kijima

Through the movement we tune with our weight, that connects us with the earth and the sky.

Being is the weight.

Through our weight, we exist.

If we trust in the gravity, the mass, we need not resist or react. We can isolate what is not necessary.

Being in harmony with the power of gravity we discover a new quality in movement and we get in touch with our inner selves in this space between gravity and its absence.

The movements which start from the sacrum, unlock our body. The muscles calm, the breathing softens and the noise of the thoughts quiets down.
Now there is space for getting soft, calm, open, awaken.

KALADO is a natural process, that does not require any particular ability. Each and everyone of us can find the way through one's body's potential. And while there are always limits to this potential, it's those very limits that allow us to discover the dimension of our personal time and space and define our relations with everything that surrounds us.

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